My Post Was Removed from Medium Because I Said Men Can’t Get Pregnant

Gabrielle D’Arcy
2 min readAug 24, 2022

Welp, I’ve officially joined the ranks of those “canceled writers.” Hire me, Bari Weiss!

Okay, fine, I’m exaggerating. I wasn’t actually canceled — I didn’t lose a job or anything, and my name wasn’t dragged through the mud for an innocuous comment. But I did have my post removed, for quite literally no other reason except that I argued men cannot get pregnant.

Medium accused me of “hateful content” because I poked fun at the stupendously stupid incident on the floor of Congress when a professor called Sen. Josh Hawley “transphobic” for saying men can’t get pregnant. They removed the post and threatened me with permanent suspension if I commit another thoughtcrime.

I want to be clear that I absolutely support trans people’s right to live and thrive however they choose. But I have very serious questions about many aspects of gender ideology overall, and clearly, Medium is not a “safe space” for such inquiry.

I am not convinced that self-identification is a sufficient standard for biological males to be placed in women’s prisons. I am not convinced that everyone has a gender identity which is innate and internal. I am not convinced that all, or even most, cases of gender dysphoria should be treated with irreversible hormones that cause infertility, lead to health problems, and don’t address the root causes of depression and self-loathing anyway. I believe that, given the massive uptick in the number of gender reassignment surgeries being performed globally, we as a society need to have an honest, informed, and unbridled debate about the extent to which our culture and institutions should be obligated to affirm a person’s trans self-identification.

Medium has made it quite clear that this debate will not happen on their platform.

As such, I have no choice but to retire this blog. I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who read my posts, and I invite you to subscribe to my new substack, Pro-Dogs, Anti-Dogma, where I’ll continue grilling both the progressive left and the regressive right’s sacred cows and serving them on a brioche bun. Come for the sardonic cultural criticism, stay for the cute photos of my extremely adorable puppy.

Peace out, Medium. It’s been real — about as real as male pregnancy. Wink.